Advances in Web Technologies and Engineering (AWTE): 47 Volumes

Advances in Web Technologies and Engineering (AWTE): 47 Volumes

Series Editor(s): Ghazi I. Alkhatib (The Hashemite University, Jordan) and David C. Rine (George Mason University, USA)
ISSN: 2328-2762|EISSN: 2328-2754
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The Advances in Web Technologies and Engineering (AWTE) Book Series aims to provide a platform for research in the area of Information Technology (IT) concepts, tools, methodologies, and ethnography, in the contexts of global communication systems and Web engineered applications. Organizations are continuously overwhelmed by a variety of new information technologies, many are Web based. These new technologies are capitalizing on the widespread use of network and communication technologies for seamless integration of various issues in information and knowledge sharing within and among organizations. This emphasis on integrated approaches is unique to this book series and dictates cross platform and multidisciplinary strategy to research and practice.

The Advances in Web Technologies and Engineering (AWTE) Book Series seeks to create a stage where comprehensive publications are distributed for the objective of bettering and expanding the field of web systems, knowledge capture, and communication technologies. The series will provide researchers and practitioners with solutions for improving how technology is utilized for the purpose of a growing awareness of the importance of web applications and engineering.

Topics Covered

  • Case studies validating Web-based IT solutions
  • Competitive/intelligent information systems
  • Data analytics for business and government organizations
  • Data and knowledge capture and quality issues
  • Data and knowledge validation and verification
  • Human factors and cultural impact of IT-based systems
  • Information filtering and display adaptation techniques for wireless devices
  • Integrated Heterogeneous and Homogeneous Workflows and Databases within and Across Organizations and with Suppliers and Customers
  • Integrated user profile, provisioning, and context-based processing
  • IT education and training
  • IT readiness and technology transfer studies
  • Knowledge structure, classification, and search algorithms or engines
  • Metrics-based performance measurement of IT-based and web-based organizations
  • Mobile, location-aware, and ubiquitous computing
  • Ontology and semantic Web studies
  • Quality of service and service level agreement issues among integrated systems
  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) research and applications in Web engineered systems
  • Security, integrity, privacy, and policy issues
  • Software agent-based applications
  • Strategies for linking business needs and IT
  • Virtual teams and virtual enterprises: communication, policies, operation, creativity, and innovation
  • Web Systems Architectures, Including Distributed, Grid Computer, and Communication Systems Processing
  • Web systems engineering design
  • Web systems performance engineering studies
  • Web user interfaces design, development, and usability engineering studies

Titles in Series

Infrastructure Possibilities and Human-Centered Approaches With Industry 5.0
Mohammad Ayoub Khan (University of Bisha, Saudi Arabia), Rijwan Khan (ABES Institute of Technology, India), Pushkar Praveen (Govind Ballabh Pant Institute of Engineering and Technology, India), Agya Ram Verma (Govind Ballabh Pant Institute of Engineering and Technology, India), Manoj Kumar Panda (Govind Ballabh Pant Institute of Engineering & Technology, India)
Copyright © 2024. 300 pages.
Infrastructure Possibilities and Human-Centered Approaches With Industry 5.0 is a research book that serves as a comprehensive exploration of the potential impact of...
Concepts, Technologies, Challenges, and the Future of Web 3
Pooja Lekhi (University Canada West, Canada), Guneet Kaur (Research Scholar at University of Stirling, FinTech Editor at Cointelegraph)
Copyright © 2024. 350 pages.
Web3 is a term which refers to the third generation of the World Wide Web; it is a decentralized internet architecture that uses blockchain technology, smart contrac...
Perspectives on Social Welfare Applications’ Optimization and Enhanced Computer Applications
Ponnusamy Sivaram (Department of Artificial Intelligence, G.H. Raisoni College of Engineering, Nagpur, India), S. Senthilkumar (University College of Engineering, BIT Campus, Anna University, Tiruchirappalli, India), Lipika Gupta (Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Chitkara University Institute of Engineering and Technology, Chitkara University, India), Nelligere S. Lokesh (Department of CSE-AIML, AMC Engineering College, Bengaluru, India)
Copyright © 2023. 336 pages.
Computer application systems are helpful for society to turn into a digital era of computing and interaction made more accessible and consistent. Further study in th...
Internet of Behaviors Implementation in Organizational Contexts
Luísa Cagica Carvalho (Instituto Politécnico de Setúbal, Portugal), Clara Silveira (Polytechnic Institute of Guarda, Portugal), Leonilde Reis (Instituto Politecnico de Setubal, Portugal), Nelson Russo (Universidade Aberta, Portugal)
Copyright © 2023. 320 pages.
Internet of behaviors (IoB), also known as the internet of behavior, emerged as a natural consequence of the internet of things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI...
Advancements in the New World of Web 3: A Look Toward the Decentralized Future
Jane Thomason (UCL London Blockchain Centre, UK), Elizabeth Ivwurie (British Blockchain and Frontier Technology Association, UK)
Copyright © 2023. 323 pages.
The rapidly evolving world of Web 3 presents a complex and multifaceted landscape for academic scholars. Understanding the intricacies and potential of Web 3 can be...
Supporting Technologies and the Impact of Blockchain on Organizations and Society
Luís Ferreira (Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and Ave, Portugal), Miguel Rosado Cruz (Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo, Portugal), Estrela Ferreira Cruz (Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo, Portugal), Helder Quintela (Polytechnic Institute of Cavado and Ave, Portugal), Manuela Cruz Cunha (Polytechnic Institute of Cavado and Ave, Portugal)
Copyright © 2023. 310 pages.
Blockchain technology is being adopted mainly in cryptocurrencies and digital transactions. However, evidence suggests it can be utilized for multiple different purp...
Architectural Framework for Web Development and Micro Distributed Applications
Guillermo Rodriguez (QuantiLogic, USA)
Copyright © 2023. 268 pages.
In recent years, we have ushered in a new age where applications will become smaller, distributed, JavaScript-laden, microservices-infused, and utilize the hardware...
Trends, Applications, and Challenges of Chatbot Technology
Mohammad Amin Kuhail (Zayed University, UAE), Bayan Abu Shawar (Al-Ain University, UAE), Rawad Hammad (University of East London, UK)
Copyright © 2023. 373 pages.
Chatbots offer exceptional services to end-users due to various factors, including the ability to respond to customer requests quickly according to their convenience...
Strategies and Opportunities for Technology in the Metaverse World
P.C. Lai (University of Malaya, Malaysia)
Copyright © 2023. 390 pages.
The rise of metaverse technologies has had a critical impact on the modern world. Due to the recent popularity of this technology, it is important to understand the...
3D Modeling Using Autodesk 3ds Max With Rendering View
Debabrata Samanta (CHRIST University, India)
Copyright © 2022. 291 pages.
In just the last few years, the visualization industry has arguably become the fastest-growing 3D industry and may soon overtake all others in total number of users....
Handbook of Research on Gamification Dynamics and User Experience Design
Oscar Bernardes (ISCAP, ISEP, Polytechnic Institute of Porto, Portugal & University of Aveiro, Portugal), Vanessa Amorim (ISCAP, Polytechnic Institute of Porto, Portugal), Antonio Carrizo Moreira (University of Aveiro, Portugal)
Copyright © 2022. 516 pages.
In today’s digital society, organizations must utilize technology in order to engage their audiences. Innovative game-like experiences are an increasingly popular wa...
Advanced Practical Approaches to Web Mining Techniques and Application
Ahmed J. Obaid (University of Kufa, Iraq), Zdzislaw Polkowski (Wroclaw University of Economics, Poland), Bharat Bhushan (Sharda University, India)
Copyright © 2022. 357 pages.
The rapid increase of web pages has introduced new challenges for many organizations as they attempt to extract information from a massive corpus of web pages. Findi...
Handbook of Research on Opinion Mining and Text Analytics on Literary Works and Social Media
Pantea Keikhosrokiani (School of Computer Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia), Moussa Pourya Asl (School of Humanities, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia)
Copyright © 2022. 462 pages.
Opinion mining and text analytics are used widely across numerous disciplines and fields in today’s society to provide insight into people’s thoughts, feelings, and...
Security, Data Analytics, and Energy-Aware Solutions in the IoT
Xiali Hei (University of Louisiana at Lafayette, USA)
Copyright © 2022. 218 pages.
Internet of things networks have shown promising outcomes in the provisioning of potentially critical services such as safety applications, healthcare, and manufactu...
Emerging Trends in IoT and Integration with Data Science, Cloud Computing, and Big Data Analytics
Pelin Yildirim Taser (Izmir Bakircay University, Turkey)
Copyright © 2022. 334 pages.
The internet of things (IoT) has emerged to address the need for connectivity and seamless integration with other devices as well as big data platforms for analytics...
App and Website Accessibility Developments and Compliance Strategies
Yakup Akgül (Alanya Alaaddin Keykubat University, Turkey)
Copyright © 2022. 322 pages.
In the present digital world, the growing number of internet users has made web quality an important factor for accessing online services and increasing the customer...
IoT Protocols and Applications for Improving Industry, Environment, and Society
Cristian González García (University of Oviedo, Spain), Vicente García-Díaz (University of Oviedo, Spain)
Copyright © 2021. 321 pages.
With the internet of things (IoT), it is proven that enormous networks can be created to interconnect objects and facilitate daily life in a variety of domains. Rese...
Integration and Implementation of the Internet of Things Through Cloud Computing
Pradeep Tomar (Gautam Buddha University, India)
Copyright © 2021. 357 pages.
The internet of things (IoT) has drawn great attention from both academia and industry, since it offers a challenging notion of creating a world where all things aro...
Design Innovation and Network Architecture for the Future Internet
Mohamed Boucadair (Orange S.A., France), Christian Jacquenet (Orange S.A., France)
Copyright © 2021. 478 pages.
For the past couple of years, network automation techniques that include software-defined networking (SDN) and dynamic resource allocation schemes have been the subj...
Challenges and Opportunities for the Convergence of IoT, Big Data, and Cloud Computing
Sathiyamoorthi Velayutham (Sona College of Technology, India)
Copyright © 2021. 350 pages.
In today’s market, emerging technologies are continually assisting in common workplace practices as companies and organizations search for innovative ways to solve m...
Examining the Impact of Deep Learning and IoT on Multi-Industry Applications
Roshani Raut (Pimpri Chinchwad College of Engineering (PCCOE), Pune, India), Albena Dimitrova Mihovska (CTIF Global Capsule (CGC), Denmark)
Copyright © 2021. 304 pages.
Deep learning, as a recent AI technique, has proven itself efficient in solving many real-world problems. Deep learning algorithms are efficient, high performing, an...
Result Page Generation for Web Searching: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Mostafa Alli (Tsinghua University, China)
Copyright © 2021. 126 pages.
Diversity in user queries makes it challenging for search engines to effectively return a set of relevant results. Both user intentions to search the web and types o...
The IoT and the Next Revolutions Automating the World
Dinesh Goyal (Poornima Institute of Engineering & Technology, India), S. Balamurugan (QUANTS Investment Strategy & Consultancy Services, India), Sheng-Lung Peng (National Dong Hwa University, Taiwan), Dharm Singh Jat (Namibia University of Science and Technology, Namibia)
Copyright © 2019. 340 pages.
Smart homes, smart cities, and wearable technologies are the growing applications of the internet of things (IoT). Ranging from healthcare tracking applications to s...
Integrating and Streamlining Event-Driven IoT Services
Yang Zhang (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China), Yanmeng Guo (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)
Copyright © 2019. 309 pages.
In IoT scenarios, ways in which large-scale and cross-domain service systems can be established are still unclear, and no systematic or in-depth theories and methods...
Semantic Web Science and Real-World Applications
Miltiadis D. Lytras (The American College of Greece, Greece), Naif Aljohani (King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia), Ernesto Damiani (Khalifa University, UAE), Kwok Tai Chui (The Open University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong)
Copyright © 2019. 399 pages.
Continual advancements in web technology have highlighted the need for formatted systems that computers can utilize to easily read and sift through the hundreds of t...
Innovative Solutions and Applications of Web Services Technology
Liang-Jie Zhang (Kingdee International Software Group Co., Ltd., China), Yishuang Ning (Tsinghua University, China)
Copyright © 2019. 316 pages.
With the development of Web 2.0 technologies, the internet has become a huge platform for information and data sharing. As such, web services provide an important fo...
Dynamic Knowledge Representation in Scientific Domains
Cyril Pshenichny (ITMO University, Russia), Paolo Diviacco (Istituto Nazionale di Oceanografia e di Geofisica Sperimentale, Italy), Dmitry Mouromtsev (ITMO University, Russia)
Copyright © 2018. 397 pages.
The main approach to understanding and creating knowledge engineering concepts is static knowledge. Currently, there is a need to approach knowledge through a dynami...
Innovations, Developments, and Applications of Semantic Web and Information Systems
Miltiadis D. Lytras (American College of Greece, Greece), Naif Aljohani (King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia), Ernesto Damiani (University of Milan, Italy), Kwok Tai Chui (The Open University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong)
Copyright © 2018. 473 pages.
In the last few years, there has been an increased advancement and evolution in semantic web and information systems in a variety of fields. The integration of these...
Handbook of Research on Biomimicry in Information Retrieval and Knowledge Management
Reda Mohamed Hamou (Dr. Tahar Moulay University of Saida, Algeria)
Copyright © 2018. 429 pages.
In the digital age, modern society is exposed to high volumes of multimedia information. In efforts to optimize this information, there are new and emerging methods...
Global Perspectives on Frameworks for Integrated Reporting: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Ioana Dragu (Babes-Bolyai University, Romania), Adriana Tiron-Tudor (Babes-Bolyai University, Romania), Szilveszter Fekete Pali-Pista (Babes-Bolyai University, Romania)
Copyright © 2018. 160 pages.
Organizations rely on annual reports to communicate their value and create a sense of corporate community. Assessment of these communications is integral in determin...
Novel Design and the Applications of Smart-M3 Platform in the Internet of Things: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Dmitry Korzun (Petrozavodsk State University (PetrSU), Russia), Alexey Kashevnik (St. Petersburg Institute for Informatics and Automation of the Russian Academy of Sciences (SPIIRAS), Russia & ITMO University, Russia), Sergey Balandin (FRUCT Oy, Finland & St. Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation (SUAI), Russia)
Copyright © 2018. 150 pages.
The Internet of Things has become a major influence on the development of new technologies and innovations. When combined with smart services, the end-user experienc...
Developing Metadata Application Profiles
Mariana Curado Malta (Polytechnic of Oporto, Portugal & Algoritmi Center, University of Minho, Portugal), Ana Alice Baptista (Algoritmi Center, University of Minho, Portugal), Paul Walk (University of Edinburgh, UK)
Copyright © 2017. 248 pages.
The prevalence of data science has grown exponentially in recent years. Increases in data exchange have created the need for standards and formats on handling data f...
Game Theory Solutions for the Internet of Things: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Sungwook Kim (Sogang University, South Korea)
Copyright © 2017. 221 pages.
There is an enhanced level of connectivity available in modern society through the increased usage of various technological devices. Such developments have led to th...
Design Solutions for Improving Website Quality and Effectiveness
G. Sreedhar (Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha (Deemed University), India)
Copyright © 2016. 423 pages.
As the Internet has evolved to become an integral part of modern society, the need for better quality assurance practices in web engineering has heightened. Adherenc...
Handbook of Research on Redesigning the Future of Internet Architectures
Mohamed Boucadair (France Télécom, France), Christian Jacquenet (Orange S.A., France)
Copyright © 2015. 621 pages.
As the volume of global Internet traffic increases, the Internet is beginning to suffer from a broad spectrum of performance-degrading infrastructural limitations th...
Artificial Intelligence Technologies and the Evolution of Web 3.0
Tomayess Issa (Curtin University, Australia), Pedro Isaías (Universidade Aberta (Portuguese Open University), Portugal)
Copyright © 2015. 422 pages.
Web technologies have become a vital element within educational, professional, and social settings as they have the potential to improve performance and productivity...
Frameworks, Methodologies, and Tools for Developing Rich Internet Applications
Giner Alor-Hernández (Instituto Tecnológico de Orizaba, Mexico), Viviana Yarel Rosales-Morales (Instituto Tecnológico de Orizaba, Mexico), Luis Omar Colombo-Mendoza (Instituto Tecnológico de Orizaba, Mexico)
Copyright © 2015. 349 pages.
Technological advances in the field of IT lead to the creation of new programs intended to merge the advantages of desktop-based programs with the advantages of Web-...
Handbook of Research on Demand-Driven Web Services: Theory, Technologies, and Applications
Zhaohao Sun (University of Ballarat, Australia & Hebei Normal University, China), John Yearwood (Federation University, Australia)
Copyright © 2014. 474 pages.
In the current technological world, Web services play an integral role in service computing and social networking services. This is also the case in the traditional...
Evaluating Websites and Web Services: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on User Satisfaction
Denis Yannacopoulos (Technological Educational Institute of Piraeus, Greece), Panagiotis Manolitzas (Technical University of Crete, Greece), Nikolaos Matsatsinis (Technical University of Crete, Greece), Evangelos Grigoroudis (Technical University of Crete, Greece)
Copyright © 2014. 354 pages.
The pervasiveness of the Internet has had a significant impact on global politics, economics, and culture. To create a truly effective product in such a saturated di...
Solutions for Sustaining Scalability in Internet Growth
Mohamed Boucadair (France Telecom-Orange Labs, France), David Binet (France Telecom, France)
Copyright © 2014. 288 pages.
An ever-increasing thirst for information in recent years among consumers, researchers, and the general population has necessitated continuous growth of internet arc...
Adaptive Web Services for Modular and Reusable Software Development: Tactics and Solutions
Guadalupe Ortiz (University of Cádiz, Spain), Javier Cubo (University of Málaga, Spain)
Copyright © 2013. 415 pages.
Web services provide systems with great flexibility and easier maintenance which result in better ways to communicate and distribute applications. There are good pro...
Public Service, Governance and Web 2.0 Technologies: Future Trends in Social Media
Ed Downey (State University of New York, College at Brockport, USA), Matthew A. Jones (Portland State University, USA)
Copyright © 2012. 369 pages.
Web 2.0 can create value for political processes by decreasing costs and increasing opportunities for civic engagement, and, as a result, will likely affect the futu...
Performance and Dependability in Service Computing: Concepts, Techniques and Research Directions
Valeria Cardellini (Universita di Roma, Italy), Emiliano Casalicchio (Universita di Roma, Italy), Kalinka Regina Lucas Jaquie Castelo Branco (Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil), Júlio Cezar Estrella (Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil), Francisco José Monaco (Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil)
Copyright © 2012. 477 pages.
When deployed as infrastructure components of real-time business processes, service computing applications we rely on for our daily activities elicit the proper addr...
E-Activity and Intelligent Web Construction: Effects of Social Design
Tokuro Matsuo (Yamagata University, Japan), Takayuki Fujimoto (Toyo University, Japan)
Copyright © 2011. 284 pages.
As the complexity and importance of web activity multiplies, the success of any endeavor depends on utilizing the most advanced intelligent techniques when designing...
Engineering Reliable Service Oriented Architecture: Managing Complexity and Service Level Agreements
Nikola Milanovic (Model Labs - Berlin, Germany)
Copyright © 2011. 420 pages.
Dynamic, trustworthy and reliable service delivery in Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) is one of the main preconditions for successful and sustainable business o...
Developing Advanced Web Services through P2P Computing and Autonomous Agents: Trends and Innovations
Khaled Ragab (King Faisal University, Saudi Arabia), Tarek Helmy (King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Saudi Arabia), Aboul Ella Hassanien (Kuwait University, Kuwait)
Copyright © 2010. 284 pages.
In recent years, the development of distributed systems, in particular the Internet, has been influenced heavily by three paradigms: peer-to-peer, autonomous agents,...
Integrating Usability Engineering for Designing the Web Experience: Methodologies and Principles
Tasos Spiliotopoulos (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece), Panagiota Papadopoulou (University of Athens, Greece), Drakoulis Martakos (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece), Georgios Kouroupetroglou (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece)
Copyright © 2010. 440 pages.
As methods that enable or facilitate the development of usable systems for the Web can provide complementary results in enhancing the Web experience, it is important...


The Advances in Web Technologies and Engineering (AWTE) Book Series aims to further the availability of research publications in the area of Information Technology (IT) concepts, tools, methodologies, and ethnography, in the contexts of global communication systems and Web engineered applications. The series will provide audiences with comprehensive sources of reference that seek to emphasize the importance of best practices and developing concepts in this area of worldwide significance.

Editor(s) Biography

Ghazi Alkhatib is an Assistant Professor of Software Engineering at the College of Computer Science and Information Technology, Applied Science University located in Amman, Jordan. In 1984, he obtained his Doctor of Business Administration from Mississippi State University in Information Systems with minors in Computer Science and Accounting. Since then, he has been engaged in teaching, consulting, training, and research in the area of Computer Information Systems in the US and Gulf countries. In addition to his research interests in databases and systems analysis and design, he has published several articles and presented many papers in regional and international conferences on software processes, knowledge management, e-business, Web services, and agent software, workflow, and portal/grid computing integration with Web services.
David Rine has been practicing, teaching ,and researching engineered software development for over thirty years. Prior to joining George Mason University, he served in various leadership roles in the IEEE Computer Society and co-founded two of the technical committees. He joined George Mason University in 1985 and was the founding chair of the Department of Computer Science and one of the founders of the (Volgenau) School of Information Technology and Engineering. Rine has received numerous research, teaching, and service awards from computer science and engineering societies and associations, including the IEEE Centennial Award, IEEE Pioneer Award, IEEE Computer Society Meritorious Service Awards, the IEEE Computer Society Special Awards, IEEE Computer Society 50th anniversary Golden Core Award, and historical IEEE Computer Society Honor Roll and Distinguished Technical Services Awards. He has been a pioneer in graduate, undergraduate, and high school education, producing computer science texts and leading establishment of the International Advanced Placement Computer Science program for the nation's high school students, co-designer of the first computer science and engineering curriculum (1976), and the first masters in software engineering curriculum (1978). He has been an editor of a number of prestigious software-oriented journals. During his tenure, he has authored over 300 published works and has directed many PhD students. Complementing his work at GMU, he has worked on many international technology and relief projects in various countries and made many life-long international friendships. His past students are the most important record of his technical achievements.

Editorial Advisory Board

Ghazi I. Alkhatib, The Hashemite University, Jordan
David C. Rine, George Mason University, United States

Editorial Advisory Board
Abdelmajid Hamadou, Sfax University, Tunisia
Aditya K. Ghose, University of Wollongong, Australia
Amine Rahmani, Université Dr Tahar Moulay SAÏDA, Algeria
Andres Iglesias Prieto, University of Cantabria, Spain
Arafat Awajan, Princess Sumaya University for Technology, Jordan
Atilla Elçi, Aksaray University, Turkey
Benaissa Moussa, University of Oran 1, Algeria
Chitra Babu, SSN College of Engineering, India
Christophe Guyeux, Université de Bourgogne Franche-Comté, France
Elijah Omwenga, University of Kabianga, Kenya
El-Sayed M. El-Alfy, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Saudi Arabia
Farid Meziane, University of Salford, United Kingdom
Fatos Xhafa, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain
Fawzi Al-Naim, Al-Nahrain University, Baghdad, Iraq
Ghassan Issa, University of Petra, Jordan
Gheith Abanda, Aqaba University for Technology, Jordan
Jonathon A Chambers, Newcastle University, United Kingdom
Jonice Oliveira, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Karim El Guemhioui, Université du Québec en Outaouais, Canada
Majid Al-Taee, The University of Liverpool, United Kingdom
Mohammad A. Omar, Masder Institute, United Arab Emirates
Okba Kazar, University of Biskra, Algeria
Sanjay Kumar Jain, National Institute of Technology, India
Sidi Mohammed Benslimane, École Supérieure en Informatique, Algeria
Sikha Bagui, University of West Florida, United States
Sugam Sharma, Iowa State University, United States
Veeramalai Sankaradass, DMI College of Engineering, India
Yacine Atif, The University of Skövde, Sweden
Zaia Alimazighi, University of Sciences and Technology Houari Boumediene, Algeria
Zakaria Maamar, Zayed University, United Arab Emirates