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IGI Global's Acquisitions team will use the following information to conduct the initial assessment of your proposed publication. Filling out each section thoughtfully and thoroughly will help expedite the review process of your proposal.

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If Applicable:
Are you submitting this proposal in response to an invitation? If so, please list the contact and type of invitation.
Ex. - John Smith sent me an email asking if I wanted to publish an edited book
IMPORTANT: If you were referred by a colleague or are submitting this book proposal in response to an invitation you received from a Book Series Editor-in-Chief, please specify their name in this field (and the book series title, if applicable).
Ex.- John Smith (jsmith@university.edu) referred me; OR
Ex.- John Smith, EIC of [insert IGI Global book series name], referred me to publish a book for his book series
Tentative Title
Please feel free to list alternative titles.
Description, Impact, & Audience
Please provide: 1) an overview of what the publication will be about, 2) how it will impact the research community, and 3) who you intend to use it.
Sample Topics
Please list all areas of possible coverage, including topics to be covered within the publication. If content has already been received, please list the chapter titles, authors, and affiliations.
Plan for Inviting Chapter Contributors (for edited books only) 
Please identify the diverse networks, colleagues, conferences, research groups, social media, list-servs, and other venues through which to solicit chapters for your publication. We recommend a minimum of 7-10 specific names of venues.
Publication Format
Please select one of the following publication formats:
Publication Format Considerations
Approximately how many figures, tables, equations, formulas, etc. do you anticipate will be included in your proposed book?
Tentative Project Timeline
Please identify approximately when you would be able to submit the final manuscript for publication.
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Open Access Publishing Options

Under an open access publishing model the work will be published under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) licensing arrangement and the copyright for the work remains solely with the author(s)/editor(s) of the publication. The publication will be freely accessible to everyone without any paywall. In order to offset the publication costs in the absence of revenue, an open access processing charge will be collected before publication.

For more information on Book and Chapter Processing Charges, please click here. For funding support, please click here.

Funding Body (Optional)

If you selected Platinum open access publishing above, please enter the information for the entity (or entities) that will be providing the open access funding for this book publication. If you selected Gold open access publishing above and have a funding body/bodies that will partially fund the book to help decrease the Chapter Processing Charges (CPCs) for chapter authors, please enter the information below.

For funding support, please click here.

Funding Body Name
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Funding Compliance
Please list any special requirements the journal must follow to comply with funding, if any.

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