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Marketing and Distribution

IGI Global utilizes proven marketing strategies to ensure your research is disseminated efficiently and effectively. Each publication is unique and requires a personalized and collaborative approach through physical, digital, and print marketing outlets. The objective is to secure visibility and demand through IGI Global’s large network of global distribution partners.

Disseminating Your Research

IGI Global is committed to disseminating your research throughout its vast network of global distribution partners. IGI Global offers each publication through print-on-demand, as well as electronically through the industry’s top aggregated platforms, as well as IGI Global e-Book and e-Journal Collections. Visibility, discoverability, and accessibility are key for any successful publication, and IGI Global will assure your publication is made available to academic libraries, special libraries, and independent researchers worldwide.

Digital Marketing and Metadata Delivery

IGI Global ensures that each publication receives the proper classification, categorization, and identification for delivery throughout its worldwide distribution network. In the “digital age”, metadata is a critical proponent for the discoverability and impact of your research. IGI Global prides itself on providing accurate, thorough, and timely data to support each publication. The IGI Global marketing department will ensure each publication is effectively publicized and promoted to a continuously growing web of academic libraries, research groups, and independent researchers.

Print-on-Demand and Direct Mail Marketing

Since 2010, IGI Global has offered it’s entire collection of books and journals through Ingram‘s Lightning Source Print-On-Demand model. Print-On-Demand offers an unlimited “virtual inventory” throughout IGI Global’s entire distributors network. This ensures that your publication will be available to order at all times, thus allowing interested parties the ability to obtain your research.

IGI Global utilizes both digital and more traditional direct mail marketing campaigns. Every publication will be featured in one of 10+ brochures and catalogs produced annually. Additionally, each publication will benefit from custom brochures and forms, featuring the title with supporting promotional data surrounding coverage and market demographics. IGI Global invests a great deal into this multi-channel approach and will work directly with each and every editor, author, and reviewer to cultivate a marketing strategy catered to their project.

Social Media and Engagement

Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are the primary social media sites IGI Global uses to engage with a global audience. Social media plays a vital role in the businesses networking and client development. It also serves as a platform to share the latest promotions, book reviews, trending research, and any exciting developments regarding your publication. Tweeting, sharing, and connecting with a multitude of contacts is what keeps IGI Global relevant and constantly propelling forward.

Conferences and Meetings

As an academic publisher, IGI Global has an obligation to support and attend domestic and international meetings, conferences, and book fairs. Over the past 30 years, IGI Global has been represented at most major library and research-based conferences, as well as industry leading book fairs and expos around the globe.

In the effort to sustain the highest-level of academic publishing standards, IGI Global engages both the research and library community on a regular basis. It’s essential to stay connected, assuring IGI Global publications are discoverable, accessible, and meet the needs of library patrons. As an event exhibitor and corporate member of the American Library Association; an exhibitor/sponsor of ACRL, ER&L; and an ongoing diamond sponsor of the Charleston Conference, IGI Global is committed to supporting the library community as the preferred provider of information science and technology research.

Conference Events:

Indexing and Abstracts

As a leading academic publishing company, IGI Global strives to have outstanding journals and books indexed through some of the most prestigious indices. The aim of indexing is to increase citations of our publications and ultimately enhance discoverability. Clarivate Analytics' Web of Science (formerly Thomson Reuters), Elsevier (this includes Scopus and Ei Compendex), PsycINFO, and INSPEC are some of the major indices where IGI Global’s publications can be found. The aforementioned indices also have very rigid acceptance standards with a heavy focus on content evaluation, which continues to make them the most esteemed indices with the most substantial impact factor. In addition to the major indices, many of our publications are listed in various other well-known indices and abstracting services such as Cabell’s, RePEc, Paratext, Ulrich, etc. In addition to indexing, IGI Global focuses on providing abstracts for publications to properly represent and outline the material in its entirety.

Research Group, Association and Society Partnerships

IGI Global, greatly values the relationships we have built during the last 30 years with the academic community all over the world. As a scholarly publisher, we continue to center our efforts globally on progressing innovation and the knowledge resources available to academicians, independent researchers, industry practitioners, and professionals. We understand that many of our 100,000+ authors and editors as well as contributing authors are affiliated with numerous research groups/centers and professional associations and societies, and in this new year we are dedicated to exploring partnerships with organizations such as HSST, ICIR, and ATG.