A Video Discussion of Transformational Women Leaders

Embracing Community on International Women's Day #IWD2023

By IGI Global on Apr 6, 2023
webinar The editors of Women Community Leaders and Their Impact as Global Changemakers, Profs. Patricia Goodman from Northeastern University, USA, Sahar Rehman from Northeastern University, USA, and Zirui Yan from Tsinghua University, China hosted a two session panel discussion on International Women's Day March, 8 2023 to discuss how embracing transformational women leaders leads to a cultural transformation for global communities.
For their 2nd Annual event on International Women’s Day (which used the hashtag #EmbraceEquity), a two-part panel discussions was held, entitled, “Embracing Community: A Discussion with Transformational Women Leaders”. Each session highlighted panelists who are contributing authors and global change agents, and they shared their insights on embracing transformational women leaders and the cultural transformation to global communities. The panelists shared perspectives from different industries and their local experiences cutting across the globe: Africa, China, Europe, Middle East, and United States.
#IWD2023 Embracing Community: A Discussion with Transformational Women Leaders - Session 1
Session one speakers: Stephanie E. Raible | Book Chapter Author: Saskia Bruysten: Advocacy, Perseverance, and Vision for Social Business During Challenging Times, Lila Anna Sauls | Book Chapter Author: Jacinda Ardern: The Normalization of Empathy, Deborah J. Kramlich | Book Chapter Author: Lisa Nesser: In-Power vs. Em-Power – Honoring the Agency of Lived Experience, and Sydney Savion | Book Chapter Author and Change Agent: Immortalizing the Maori Koru by Bolstering Lifelong Learning in Aotearoa
#IWD2023 Embracing Community: A Discussion with Transformational Women Leaders - Session 2
Session two speakers: Joan Burkhardt, Ed.D. | Chapter Author: Sheryl WuDunn: Shakes the World, Jocelyn Vierra Christian | Chapter Author: LaDonna Christian: Transforming the Landscape in the Field of Nursing – One Student at a Time , Joann Anokwuru, Ph.D. | Chapter Author: Yabome Gilpin-Jackson: Making Spaces for Voices of African Leaders , Jessica C. McWade | Chapter Author: Catherine D'Amato: Origins and Inspirations – One Woman's Journey Fighting Hunger, Laura M. Walker-Andrews | Chapter Author: Emma Watson: Supporting Unity for Human Rights, and Yue Huang | Chapter Author: Helen Zia: Be the Change!
Although they have been historically oppressed, women have always played a crucial role in global communities. As more women are taking leadership positions in social, political, and business roles, it is essential to examine the way in which these women impact cultural development and societal progression. In some cases, these women community leaders’ impact goes beyond their communities and affect transformative cultural change globally.
Their recent book examines how communities change based on cultural resilience advocates, and female leaders of local communities making an impact that either could be replicated at a global scale. Women Community Leaders and Their Impact as Global Changemakers covers a wide range of topics, including:
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Female Coaches
  • Feminine Energy Revival Movement
  • Finance and Asset Management
  • Governmental Transformation
  • Human Rights
  • Platform Economy
  • Social Business
  • Social Change Through Technology
  • University Presidents
  • Women Communities
  • Women Educators
    This premier reference book is a dynamic resource for feminists, governmental organizations, libraries, students and educators of higher education, entrepreneurs, leaders in business, non-profit organizations empowering women and girls, researchers, and academicians.
    Women Community Leaders and their Impact as Global Changemakers
    Prof. Patricia Goodman Hayward (Northeastern University, USA) et al.
    ©2022 | 399 pgs. | EISBN13: 9781668424919
    • Latest Research Findings of 55+ Researchers from over
      15+ Countries
    • Covers Topics such as Women Communities, Feminine Energy Revival Movement, & Human Rights
    • Features 55 Chapters on the Latest, Peer-Reviewed Research
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    About the Editors
    Prof. Patricia Goodman HaywardProf. Patricia Goodman Hayward prefers to be known as Prof. Patty and holds an Associate Teaching Professor in the Communications, Media and Human Resources Programs at Northeastern University in the College of Professional Studies. Since 2015, Prof. Patty has taught in the master’s in Corporate and Organizational Communication program and the master’s in Leadership program as part of the transnational offerings in Vietnam and Australia. In addition to her leadership in developing and implementing a new concentration in Cross-cultural Communication for the master’s in Corporate and Organizational Communication, Prof. Patty has served as Chair of the college’s annual Faculty Development Conference and on the college-wide Task Force for Diversity and Inclusion. Additionally, she worked with students and faculty across the Northeastern network to generate definitions and expressions of global citizenship, in order to increase global understanding. Prof. Patty organized the university-wide “Visions of Peace” event with Northeastern’s Center for Intercultural Engagement. Prof. Patty presents regularly at international conferences and publishes research, often focusing on instructional innovations, cultural awareness, cultural resilience, and cultural transformation. Prof. Patty posts in social media promoting the following idea: #LOTS Learning with a curious mind, Observing with open eyes, Transforming with a full heart, and Sharing to encourage others. Prof. Patty earned her Doctor of Education in Executive Leadership from The George Washington University. She is certified in the communications effectiveness methodology, CQ Cultural Intelligence, and is an Intercultural Communication Edge Trainer, ICEdge. Prof. Patty previously served as Human Resource Director at The Centers, a mental health provider covering Marion and Citrus Counties in Florida; in finance and program delivery at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education; and as a consultant to several other Harvard units. In addition to being a faculty member, Prof. Patty is the Principal Consultant at P.A.G. Coaching & Associates in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

    Prof. Sahar A. RehmanProf. Sahar A. Rehman is an enabler of her dreams. She earned two master’s degrees; first, she earned a master of business administration (MBA) degree in Pakistan at Mohammad Ali Jinnah University in Karachi (where she also earned her bachelor of business administration degree). Her second master’s degree is from Northeastern University (MS) in the field of organizational and corporate communication. She currently teaches intercultural communications at the College of Professional Students at Northeastern University as a part-time lecturer. She is a Human Resources Practitioner. She serves at the Board of Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center and Association of Employment Professionals. She moved to America in 2015 with a hope to be able to practice her right to continue to receive education, to not be a part of conservative mindsets who think women who work is a rebellion, is not respectable, and does not have an identity of her own.

    Prof. Zirui YanProf. Zirui Yan MS, is a proud staff member of Schwarzman Scholars program at Tsinghua University, designed to build a global community of future leaders who will serve as a bridge between China and the rest of the world. She speaks three languages (Mandarin, English, and Spanish), and lived and worked on three different continents. Reflecting upon her immersed experiences in distinct cultures, Zirui has developed a deep belief that people are interconnected across a global community. This belief mirrors the saying from Confucius, the ancient Chinese philosopher, 和而不同 (harmony in diversity).

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